Thursday, May 5, 2011

Global Integrity Report 2010: Philippines, a weak state

The 2010 Global Integrity Report places the Philippines in the "weak" category in terms of governance and corruption. 

Fact is, the Philippines received a downgrade---from the 71st place to 57th. And to think that this administration always mouth the propaganda line of being in the forefront of anti-graft and corrupt practices.

Global Integrity places the Philippines as weak in terms of: anti-corruption legal framework, judicial impartiality and law enforcement professionalism and the "rule of law" mainly due to the weakness of the anti-graft agency or translated--Office of the Ombudsman. Now that the "main thorn" in the anti-graft fight has been "eliminated", there is no excuse anymore for Noynoy Aquino not to go after grafters in government, even those of his closest friends.

The country is also week in judicial independence, fairness, and citizen access to justice as well as law enforcement particular in conflicts of interest safeguards and professionalism. 

This government is also very weak in providing public access to government information, scoring only 42 on a scale of 0 to 100. 

President Aquino should cure this immediately if he wants to prop up his sagging popularity.