Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lagman says unemployment connected with RH bill: Really?

Okey, its like this. Albay Congressman Edcel Lagman says rising unemployment is reason why Congress should pass the Reproductive Health bill. Lagman cites a SWS survey which reveals that 11.3% million Filipinos are unemployed.

Lagman also cites two studies made by Professors Feria and Orbeta which essentially says that:

"rapid population growth expands the labor supply and will translate into either a decline in wages or an increase in unemployment if there is no commensurate increase in employment opportunities. He also cited a World Bank study that shows that rapid population growth is likely to depress wages at the bottom end of the pay scale in developing countries where there are disproportionately high levels of fertility among the lowest income groups."
Is a ballooning population the real cause of the high unemployment rate? Look at his quotes: it says that "a decline in wages or an increase in unemployment (will occur) if there is no commensurate increase in employment opportunities. Meaning, unemployment does not really depend on the rise or fall of the population--it is dependent on an increase or decrease of employment opportunities.

Reason why unemployment is high is the inability of the economy to grow. If there are no economic opportunities for individuals, then, there will definitely be unemployed people.

Reason why many are jobless? Because investors have not invested enough, the economy has not performed enough or that government is being mismanaged.

China has a billion people. Why is it that unemployment is low? Because the economy is performing above par and opportunities for employment are being created every minute. 

so, if the government will just do its act together and lessen graft and corruption and spend some money levelling the economic playing field, then, unemployment will definitely be not a problem at all.

again, don't blame the people for poverty or unemployment. Its all government.