Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why is the Left supporting RH Bill?

The reproductive health bill is one of the measures being promoted and actively supported by funds by the United States government. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supports RH. And I understand that the Philippine Left is traditionally anti-imperialist. Why am I seeing cadres of the Left  in active support of a very clear imperialist program?

The United States is the world's biggest manufacturer of condoms and other contraceptives. 

Akbayan and I think, even Bayan Muna, support the passage of this bill, seen as a "main "anti-poverty measure". Really now. So, what happened to the argument that the system is the problem, and not the people?

The thing about the RH bill is really quite simple: the State blames the people for producing more than the State can actually support thru government. 

Why blame the people when it is government that mismanages the resources of a country. 

Listen to the arguments of the pro-RH bill advocates, and you'll always find them blaming the poor people for having five or ten kids. 

They don't know why people, especially those living in the rural areas and even in some urban slums, see having a big family as a plus rather than a bad thing.

For poor people, the more kids you sire, the more chances you have of getting a better life. Poor people have this "lotto mentality"---more kids, means more helpers in the field. In urban areas, more kids means more chances of getting economic opportunities.

Fact is---why not do a survey to find out if large Filipino families really are unable to survive in this harsh economic environment? 

In my family alone, my grandparents sired ten kids--now all successful people.

In rural areas, young girls marry early because of the lack of economic opportunities for them in the provinces. Marriage is seen as an escape from poverty. 

It is not because they don't know about condoms, oh no. Filipinos know about condoms. Filipinos are not ignorant of contraceptives. 

It is not really wise to pass this RH bill. Let us grow our economy first. Let us expand or widen the economic opportunities in the provinces and in our cities. Fix our economy first. Then let's see if our population is really the root cause why many of us are poor.