Sunday, May 8, 2011

LP member with 3 pending graft cases to become member of Pnoy Cabinet

A Liberal party member, who is purportedly very close to Mar Roxas is expected to get a very juicy Cabinet post from Pnoy. Nothing wrong, except that this party arse licker has three pending graft cases before the Sandiganbayan.

And to think that the whole world is watching us, very closely, on how we treat graft and corruption. The Global Integrity Report has just downgraded us, telling us that the graft and corruption situation is getting worse even under the so-called "matuwid na daan" or straight road administration of Aquino.

The question is---will Pnoy allow this? Obviously yes.

If he can hire a veteran insider as Customs commissioner and other people of dubious records as his lieutenants in his government, chances are Pnoy will also allow this, in deference to his friend, Mar, who is expected to get the Finance department post from the beleaguered Cesar Purisima come the third week of May.

Heard that Customs chief Angelito Alvarez will be replaced by his boss, Bert Lina.