Saturday, May 7, 2011

Obama got Osama: Implications in the global fight against Terror

Osama: Hero or villain?
Right now, President Barack Obama enjoys the distinction of his name forever being mentioned when someone utters the name of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. It's like mentioning FBI agent's Purvis name whenever someone mentions the name of notorious criminal Dillinger or that of Eliot Ness when Al Capone's name is mentioned. 

And Barack knows that. That's why he's squeezing every publicity juice from the killing of Osama. 

He went to ground zero and met those victimized by 9/11 attacks, reminding the world that Osama did this to us, hence, we did something to him. Obama was just saying without even uttering one word, that what happened was revenge by America for something which happened ten years ago. 

Fact is, it took America ten long years to finally get Osama, when it only took them two or three years to punish Japan for blowing up Pearl Harbor.

What Obama wanted to say was when you commit a crime against America, you'll definitely get it wherever or for as long as it takes. 

Even if America violates every single international law just to get the job done.

Pakistan has just condemned their security ally for attacking the compound in Abbottabad, telling the world that what America did was something alarming to say the least. With America's sophisticated war machine, it could strike any nation, anywhere, without warning. America knows no law, be it international or even universal, for as long as it gets what it wants.

And that's exactly how one describes the methods of Osama bin Laden. He was an internationalist. He knows no international law. His organisation, the Al Qaeda, operates with impunity in all parts of the world. They are capable of striking almost anywhere.

Al Qaeda meanwhile issued a fresh threat against America for the loss of Osama Bin Laden. Like America, Al Qaeda knows no law except its own. We can surely say that the war against Western imperialism will remain and will continue to hug the headlines even years after Bin Laden's death.

Obama said that justice was served. I doubt it.

What America promoted in that attack was plain and simple--the laws of the jungle--an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. They pursued revenge against one individual whom they heaped all blame for 9/11.

Osama,honestly, was just one personality in an entire global jihadist organisation. His death will not even harm the current state of struggle of Muslims everywhere. Fact is, Muslims and even Obama expected his death from these crusaders. 

When U.S. troops assassinated Bin Laden, in the eyes of Muslims everywhere, Osama was given a martyr's death. Osama died while fighting for his beliefs, something expected of a mujaheed.

For Barack, it is probably a win-win solution.

He gets all the publicity for killing Osama and the eternal distinction of his name being mentioned everywhere for assassinating the Al Qaeda leader.

For that, he earns his re-election.

Forget about the U.S. economy. Don't mention about joblessness or health care. Whenever you mention Obama, think of Osama. That's just B.S.