Saturday, May 14, 2011

Margie Juico's sins according to Manoling Morato: Selling QI, Part 1

Manoling Morato bringing his
case to 2 million Internet viewers
last night
Five hours and thirty minutes past until finally former PCSO chairman Manoling Morato decided to call it a day. More than a million people heard and saw him lambast PCSO chairman Margie Juico on the Internet, telling all, unmindful of the effects of his scathing words.

If you’re Manoling’s foe, expect that from the fiery and feisty man. Manoling is known for that. He once crossed swords with Erap. He knows no sacred cow. He venerates no one but God. He’s filthy rich and owes no one. That’s why his words hurt because he seldom lies.

When Margie accused Manoling of being part of a Gloria Arroyo cabal that reportedly conspired to cause the PCSO to be financially distressed (reportedly PCSO lost 2 billion pesos), Manoling went on a rampage. He wants to be heard. He felt that Margie used ABS-CBN as a propaganda vehicle. Manoling felt bad when Ted Failon’s crew reportedly pictured him a villain and Margie, the heroine. That’s why he called this presscon, attended by me and several other prominent Pinoy bloggers.

Manoling making a point before fellow Bloggers
and more than 2 million Pinoy viewers online
Interviewing him in his office full of historical memorabilia is one helluva experience. Manoling’s office bears marks of history. The office is like an ancient repository of the good, the scandalous, the noble and the sublime. Everywhere, one sees newspaper articles about Manoling, his brush with Erap, his term as MTRCB chairman, his numerous meetings with global as well as local personalities and his fight against those who cheat and lie and probably even rob the poor.

Manoling is not your usual guy. He is one of society’s most respected figures. Aside from his wealth, inherited from his illustrious father, Manoling is best known as the only PCSO director that really took care of the poor. He never used his 25 million peso PR fund, never shortchanged those who approached him for help and never even thought of selling the 6.5 hectare historical landmark called the Quezon Institute.

Not Juico. And that’s one of her sins, according to Morato.

When Margie Juico assumed the PCSO board, her first act was to transfer the PCSO offices to the PICC. This was done in haste, according to Manoling, with no proper planning and caused the disruption of PCSO operations for months.

Why the rush? 

Morato said the transfer was illegal. Such a transfer requires presidential approval. The PCSO board by virtue of E.O. 455 is not empowered to decide on such matters. Only the President can do that. 

Manoling and Pinoy Bloggers. PM the one
wearing black, beside Dean and
the lovely Belle Enriquez
Again, why the rush?

Morato said that Juico and her board unilaterally decided upon themselves to pre-terminate the 50 year old lease contract of the PCSO with the PTSI-QI, and never even invited Health secretary Ona. 

The transfer, according to Morato's several documents, made a substantial impact on the PCSO's operating funds.Morato said, the transfer drained the operating fund. The transfer was not really necessary because PCSO had its "rent-free" agreement with the PTSI-QI which leased to the agency the 6.5 hectare property. When PCSO transferred to PICC, the agency started paying off millions of pesos for rent. 

" The reason why Margie wanted that transfer is because she hates Dr. Mita Pardo de Tavera who sued Margie to court for that disastrous multi-million " milk feeding project"" says Morato.

But, there are other more sinister reasons, adds Morato.

It seems that Mr. Alex Lopez, son of new PNOC Chairman Mel Lopez was the one who bought the 6.5 hectare property. Lopez plans to build a cluster of high-rise residential condos in the former TB hospital and has already tapped the architectural firm Massive Design for the development of the abandoned facility.

According to Morato, it was the Juicos who facilitated the sale.

" Information had reached me that Mr. Alex Lopez, a colleague of Mr. Philip (Popoy) Juico, chairman Juico's husband, during the Philippine Sports Commission days, has a backer in purchasing the property (the 6.5 hectare QI) left open for sale by Chairman Margie Juico's arbitrarty pretermination of the PCSO 50-year lease contract with 37 more years to go.
" I was also informed that an incumbent PCSO official will receive three condominium units, over and above the promised commission."


More explosive exposes coming right up. Is this the tuwid na daan being promoted by Philippine president Benigno Aquino?

Nakakahiya ito. Pati ba naman para sa pagtulong sa mga mahihirap, pinagkikitaan pa, says MOrato.