Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Ombudsman should be legal expert with his heart in the right place

President Aquino said he is inclined to appoint an "Ombudsman of the Nation". Yet, as always, dein elucidate what he meant. This is always the problem with this new administration. It always throw fancy words without meaning.

So, how do we, Filipinos, describe an OMbudman of the Nation. 

For me, the next Ombudsman should be someone who has legal background, does not fear the consequences of his actions, has strong political will, is not easily swayed by populist views and his heart is always at the right place. Few men and women of our generation have exhibited these strong attributes.

For me, the best candidate is former Liberal senatorial candidate Atty. Alex Lacson. 

Lacson is not just a fighter for rights and of good moral conduct, but a distinguished legal luminary. 

He graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law and took Masteral studies at Harvard School of Law and Government. He practices under the Malcolm Law office. And he is quite known as the author of the 12 Little Things That Every Filipino Should Do To Help our Country", a small book that already influenced and inspired millions of Filipinos.

He is also chairman of Kabayanihan Foundation, an aggrupation of Filipinos dedicated to the pursuit of the 12 Little Things. He works right now to give classrooms to thousands of disfranchised school children.

Inspite of his religious belief, Lacson is a leader and has shown strong political will. When he was studying at the UP, Lacson was one highly respected student leader. 

Lacson is the right fit for the job of Ombudsman. If you want to cleanse government of stooges, Lacson is the one.