Sunday, May 1, 2011

Union is the best defense of Labor Against Capital

President Noynoy Aquino broke bread with moderate labor groups today. Other larger labor organisations politely declined, which, I think is the right move since Aquino is showing his corporatist side very early in the game. Besides, it is expected that these moderates be at the side of Aquino when the militant labor groups unleash the biggest rally against Aquino today considering that they are all "dilawans" or "yellows".

In union speak, when you say "dilawan" or "yellow", you mean those labor aggrupations that favor more state policies than oppose them. They are mostly cooperative with the State. Meaning, they don't kick arse---they usually lick them, especially if its "government."

Anyway, Aquino promised to announce certain measures to mitigate the effects of recent oil price and basic good hikes. Aquino said this will ease the plight of millions of workers.

Pooh. Crap. Bull.

Union is the only defense of labor against this creeping corporatism of the Aquino administration . Labor should unionize themselves to counter the growing influence of Capital over government and the inability of government to protect the interests of the people. 

In this day and age, the only refuge of workers right now is find a union that will protect, secure and pursue their true interests. 

Labor should organize themselves into a big union to fight the encroachments being done by Capital. Defeat Capital through organized action. And government and Big Business will listen.

Unions should be more militant now than ever before since their rights and the rights of the people are being violated every single day by this administration. 

Who will protect Labor against Capital when the very government tends to agree and cooperate more with Big Capital, especially multinationals? 

Union is the answer.

And union should mobilize its forces for good, and organise their own armed component to protect them against the rising militancy of Big Capital.