Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Death and Implications in the Fight Against Terror

After a few missteps, the US finally announced to the world the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. For ten years, Bin Laden has been a source of frustration by most US analysts and counter-terrorists. They know he's just "out there" and their sophisticated equipment and tracking devices have been used 24/7 to pinpoint his exact location. 

Theories of his whereabouts were all over the place but the most plausible was he was in one of the caves in the hilly region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, depicting him like a rat hiding against his enemies. 

Yesterday, the US announced that he was captured not in some obscure location hidden by rainsforests or bushes--but in a compound mansion with 12 foot high defense walls in the middle of a nondescript town heavily guarded by Pakistani army personnel.

No one knew that Bin Laden was just there--in the middle of a town supposedly filled by Pakistani army personnel. No one knew that his trusted courier was there, going in and out of the compound, and feeding him information from the outside world. The compound was not modern nor sophisticated---it lacks the modern conveniences. Yet, a valuable target was there, just waiting and hiding from the eyes of the world.

Osama's death was just the same as that of Che Guevarra's, except that Guevarra was arrested alive in Bolivia before he was shot in the head. Osama fought his attackers with sheer courage but was felled by a bullet in the head. Guevarra did the same but was mortally wounded when arrested. 

Guevarra's body was paraded and people took shots beside the corpse before it being buried. Osama's body was probably tested for DNA and after a few hours, thrown in his watery grave.

The question that every single one is asking--will his death end the Al Qaeda organisation that masterminded the 9/11 attacks? Will his supporters from around the world be disheartened enough and stop their attacks against American interests around the world?

Surely, Osama was just one of those who rose up and militated against the evil and corrupt system. His death was already foredained shortly after that brutal 9/11 attack. He knew that someday, he'll be shot. That day turned out to be ten years after 9/11.

His death came at a time when one of his prophesies came true---the outbreak of civil war in the Middle East. Bin Laden said that for the True Islam to emerge in the Middle East, the people must militate against these apostate governments. It came true. 

Organisations die naturally when they fail to institute succession. Based on analysis of several international anti-terror groups, the Al Qaeda is a highly flexible organisation, able to adapt and thrive well. It would be foolhardy for anyone to strike this organisation out just because of the death of Bin Laden. Death for a Mujaheddin, according to Islamic tradition, is the most worthy thing. It does not take a shrine for Muslims to realize that.