Monday, May 2, 2011

Workers and the Youth will lead next RP Revolt

A debilitated economy will eventually lead to an outbreak of revolt to be lead by the workers and the youth, says a confidential document titled, " Analysis of the Philippine Situation Under the Aquino administration."

A European working for a foundation disclosed this to me yesterday. He says this validates earlier analyses from the United Nations and other international agencies on the implications of sudden oil and food price hikes in developing and underdeveloping countries, such as the Philippines.

The Philippines faces a greater risk since the current wage structure he says cannot really adequately support the needs of an average Filipino family. Working conditions also are so debasing and threatens or places the lives of millions of Filipino workers at tremendous risks.

" Eventually Ricky, the economic condition of this country would spur more virulent dissent leading to an outbreak of revolt from the people. The youth, finding themselves out of school and out of work, will realize the importance of revolt. While workers will unionize themselves and unite themselves to protect their rights which are being trampled upon by Big Capital." says the international relations expert from Germany.

The state will harden itself and will try to turn itself more into a garrison state, much like what the former dispensation did when threatened by societal forces. However, it would be helpless in the face of a growing public dissatisfaction. Workers and civil society groups will unite with the Catholic church in successfully overthrowing the present administration.