Monday, June 20, 2011

14 year old gang raped; carnappings rise in QC; yoga instructor shot dead reported: 
A 14-year old student is now suffering at an undisclosed hospital as we speak. Police reports say the student was gang raped by three suspects, mostly minors. One of the suspects got caught. He said that the girl was pimped by one guy. The victim denied it.The crime happened in a pushcart right under the Metro Rail TRansit (MRT) station on Taft Avenue. The victim said she was dragged to the pushcart by the three suspects and raped. Barangay tanods discovered the crime after they noticed that the pushcart was wrapped with a blanket on top.One of the suspects is now in jail while the victim is now under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
This is just one gruesome crime that happened in the metropolis. There are several others, including that dastardly killing of a yoga instructor in Quezon City and numerous car thefts and holdups happening all around town.
Criminal elements are on the rampage. What is the DILG/PNP doing?
Are they so busy collecting jueteng money that they already forgot their duties? Sources told me the yearly take now from jueteng has increased to 15 billion pesos. Wow. And who benefits from this? 
Jueteng money is being laundered, according to a very confidential report by the State department. Who benefits? In due time, I will expose those behind this.
Let me go back---what is government doing about this? There is a feeling right now of hopelessness. Graft and corruption continues unabated. Gangs have took over the New Bilibid prisons. Drug lords  continue their operations, again with impunity and criminals roam the streets like they own them.
One of the basis for saying that a society is truly safe is when criminal incidence is down. Poverty incidence is on the rise, and expect criminality to increase as well. People are desperate. And victims are underprotected and the citizenry's safety lies naked.
Presidential attention has been pricked. President Aquino appointed his Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa as anti-crime czar, an overt admission that the crime situation has already deteriorated and it probably needs close presidential attention.
What then is the use of having an UNdersecretary for Police headed by presidential buddy, Rico Puno? What is the use of having a PNP chief? These gentlemen are useless. They should be fired.
Of course, expect the police to say that they are ill-equipped and undermanned and they need more money. What?
Before, we used to sleep soundly at night, confident that our protectors are really doing their jobs out of respect for themselves and of their sworn duty to protect the welfare of the People.
Now, the very protectors of the People are now protectors of criminal syndicates, and lowlifes.  IN every street, there is yet one cop who protects those petty thieves, murderers and drug pushers.
Metro Manila has become one big ghetto. Is there a breakdown of morality that's feeding this criminal frenzy? Morality has nothing to do with this.
This is survival, plain and simple. The people is just expressing their exasperation especially on the dire economic situation they are in. Many people are resorting to crime and proto-crime acts because they are truly desperate. That 500 pesos dole out money from the DSWD is not enough to tide the people over. 
Why appoint Ochoa as anti-crime czar? He's useless.
During his time as Quezon City administrator, Ochoa was a sitting duck. Is it not that Quezon City is the crime capital of the Philippines? Is it not that Quezon City is still the carnapping capital of the world?
With Ochoa as our anti-crime czar, please pray. It will not be long before the entire country becomes the number one crime-prone country in the world.