Monday, June 20, 2011

Philippine Justice is compromised

Criminal gangs already admitted it--the entire New Bilibid prisons facility has been taken over by gangs. They control the prison. They operate their illicit activities there with impunity and even the Justice secretary Leila de Lima is helpless in implementing the law right there. 

I can't seem to accept that De Lima stopped the order to destroy those kubols just because these gangs threatened her with a riot. So what if they do it? 

Fact is, I welcome a riot inside the New Bilibid prisons. Why? Because the State can use and show its police power. So what if these prisoners announce a riot? Soldiers can come in and kill all of these scums.

Imagine, we have been injured by this issue personally. These criminals violated our laws, killed our loved ones with impunity and now they even control our justice or penal system? Ano na lamang ang mararamdaman ng mga naging biktima ng mga hinayupak na ito? Na habang sila'y nagluluksa dahil sa pagkawala ng kanilang mga mahal sa buhay, buhay mayaman naman sa bilangguan ang mga demonyong ito?

New Bilibid is a microcosm of Philippine society. Criminal elements, both big and small, lord it over our lands simply because we have a very weak state. Demons in barungs who portray themselves as Honorable men with criminal minds dominate our affairs. Government officials continue their wanton pillage of our coffers. 

IN his Rizal birthday celebration speech, President Aquino urged the people to tread Rizal's "tuwid na daan".

Those who heard him, just shrugged their shoulders.

How will the People obey him when Aquino continues to be the foremost promoter of the crooked path?

Aquino has lost all credibility in the eyes of the people. He does not have the right to lead the straight path movement simply because he can't even discipline his own buddies, relatives and classmate in office?

A friend said that we must judge Aquino on two things: he's not using public funds for his personal use and he's not abusing his power.

The first is we don't know for sure. Who really gave him that Porsche? The second, well, Aquino already abused his powers by allowing Big Business to take over the roles and responsibilities of government and by tolerating the illicit actions of his men.

Justice will forever be compromised in this country if we continue this practice of tolerating weak leaders to head our government.