Friday, June 24, 2011

7-eleven Gulp Polls--take the refreshing challenge!

7-eleven Marketing Director
Want to know the latest pulse of the people? Want to take part in it? You don't believe in SWS or PulseAsia surveys? Well, there's an alternative. 

Take the 7-eleven Gulp Polls. Yeah. This is the most refreshing way of knowing people's views on things happening around them.

Speak Up, Gulp Up Campaign
For you 7-eleven patrons out there, there's an ongoing campaign to figure out the sentiments and feelings of the people, yeah. It's called Speak Up, Gulp Up.

When you buy your Gulp, get the chance to participate in the 7-eleven Gulp Polls. It's like Gallup, yeah, but with a refreshing Coke.

It's very simple.

Choose between two slightly different colored Gulp styro cups--one labelled with a "yes" and the other "no". Read the question of the week. If you think it's a "yes", then, by all means, vote for it. If it's a "no", then don't think twice, put that styro cup in!

Every Gulp counts!
Questions are very interesting. One question is about the reproductive health bill. The other, about divorce. The results are pretty interesting. Yet, what my friend Gina Virtusio wants to emphasize is, these results reflect those in Luzon, not the Visayas or Mindanao. Reason? 7-eleven stores are mainly in Luzon.

I figured that those votes are pretty much reliable in the sense that those who voted drank their ice-cold softdrinks first to clear their minds before they finally say "Yes" or "No". Some questions are pretty "earthshaking" for a bum, that is.

I heard that President Noynoy Aquino was in such a rage because of an SWS survey showing him down by 7 points, he decided to go to Cotabato and declare war against water lilies. 

Noynoy should have gone to a 7-eleven store instead and read how people are voting for or against his administration. 

He should ask his men to regularly check the 7-eleven Gulp polls. Go to their nearest 7-eleven stores and see if people are still proud of being Pinoy (that's the question of the week) and not if they are still proud of Pnoy.:-)

This innovative campaign runs for 12 weeks, according to the 7-eleven Marketing Director.