Friday, June 24, 2011

PAGASA is now "MORE SCIENTIFIC" Oh yeah? Floods everywhere

One of PAGASA's longest serving and the most trusted government official was forced to resign when President Aquino berated him for allegedly manipulating the "predictions of PAGASA". We remember how the president humiliated Frisco Nilo for reportedly being involved in anomalies inside PAGASA. After Nilo's resignation, the President appointed Yumul, his trusted "scientist" and "meteorologist" to head the agency.

Now, look at PAGASA now. Is there any difference between what they did before and what they are doing now?

Yesterday, millions got stranded because of heavy rains and flash floods. Floods in some areas reached six feet. 

PAGASA should have made the right prediction. But, sadly, the people got soaked. 

I, am sick because of PAGASA.