Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chief of Staff post for Mar, not possible, says Ochoa

So, the truth is slowly revealing itself. A group within the palace itself is preventing the formal entry of Mar Roxas as the president's Chief of Staff. 

A meeting held last week reportedly between Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa and Roxas led to a standstill. Ochoa allegedly gave Roxas the post of Presidential adviser on economic and political affairs, a direct contravention of the order of Pnoy to give Roxas the chief of staff post. 

Roxas has reportedly declined both the DOTC and this new designated post. Roxas, sources say, wants nothing more than the Chief of Staff post. Why are groups making it very hard to implement the President's own order?

Sources revealed that the reason is simple: control of government projects.

If Roxas assumes the COS post, he will have full control of the powers of both the Executive secretary and the Presidential Management Staff (PMS)--two critical posts which approves projects in the government.

So, it's really not the welfare of the people that these people are concerned about. They are concerned about losing power and money in the process.