Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Source: DOTC Post to Mar seals his political fate

President Noy just announced Mar as the next DOTC chief. Sources say Mar accepted the post. This begins Mar's descent into political oblivion.

The DOTC post is not one that befits a technocrat like Mar.  First, that post is not as "public" or as highly visible as the other posts. It's a post fit for somebody who wants to retire in politics. It is not an agency that rewards local government units--it's for somebody who wants to carve something, a legacy, instead of pursuing more lofty plans in 2013.

Right now, the impression is Mar has been effectively shut out of Malacanang and given a post that it clearly outside the sphere of power and influence. This happened to Mar some moons ago, when Liberals successfully convinced him to renounce his presidential bid and instead, run as Vice President. Now, it happened again. 

Mar has been outmaneuvered politically. HOw can he now influence Malacanang when he is now officially relegated to just one side of the power game? 

This will put a serious damper in the plans of Mr. Roxas come 2016. As expected, Mar Roxas list yet again in the power struggle within the palace of competing conos.