Monday, June 13, 2011

China's Cheap Shot at RP

Albay governor Joey Salceda just called for a boycott of all Chinese products. Great call. Is it feasible, this boycott?

Except for rice and tuyo, there is nothing here that is not China-made. Smuggled or not, the cheapest product in the market are "Made in China". When it comes to cheap ones, it's always China made. 

That's why its not surprising that China did those threatening statements against us, and then backtracked when the United States sent its best battleships near West Philippine seas. 

That's China's cheap shot. And we expect other cheap antics in the future.

Anyway, our debt by the way rose by 5.6% to 4.7 trillion pesos. And to think that government is reportedly implementing a stricter austerity measure.

President Aquino says that RP has a long way to go. Aquino said that we, as a People, should do more to achieve prosperity.