Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Corporate Greed and Corruption should also be addressed by Pnoy

Pnoy will address the nation on June 30. Will he dare say that his first year in office marks the revival of cronyism in its vile form? Will he dare say that the economy slowed down due to months of inactivity? Will he tell us the real truth about the infighting going on among his friends, his shooting buddies and relatives? And will he tell us that he is still grappling with the responsibilities of his job and quite unable to address the root causes of graft and corruption?

Pnoy wants to address graft and corruption in the next five years. I dare say that Pnoy should also fight corporate greed and corruption. This issue has begun to worsen in the last couple of decades and this must be addressed immediately.

Look, oil companies have again raised their pump prices. Imagine, they did so--Shell and Chevron--at the time when people need gasoline. Other oil companies did so last week. 

These oil companies do not fear government. Fact is, they are subverting the will of this government and its people. They don't respect Pnoy and definitely, they do not fear the wrath of the People.

If at all, Pnoy needs to rally the people against anything, I agree that it should be fighting these giant oil companies. They have committed the highest infamy, that is disrespect a respectable people.