Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salute our Patriotic Naval Force

I salute the Philippine Naval Force for doing what they did yesterday--they went to the Spratlys and dismantled those markers set up by the Chinese at the Douglas reef. That was very bold and very symbolic. The Naval force has redeemed our glory. 

China has no right to claim islets more than 500 nautical miles from their nearest point of land. China has been bullying its neighbours about Spratlys, a group of shadowy islands which are hundreds of miles away from the mainland. Such claims should be scrapped and thrown into the wastebasket by China.

It was a shame seeing those installations and markers in areas where we claim sovereignty. The Aquino administration should consider beefing up our aerial and naval forces so that we can properly surveil and protect what are ours.

With the action of the Philippine Navy, we now can proudly say despite our "smallness" we are now big in the eyes of the freedom-loving world.