Friday, June 17, 2011

Government service is not about Power--it's about love

I just attended the Thanksgiving dinner for four of our member Kabayanis who are now serving government. I was asked to give them some words of encouragement and I only gave them one--serve the People because you love them.

One accepts government service for one particular reason--you want to help other people. Other people want to serve government because of the power attached to it. When you have power, you have money. When you have more money, you get more power.

Government service, for me, is only for those who really want to serve the People. When you feel that you ought to serve, that shows that you love the people. When you love the people, you must love unceasingly.

Alex Lacson, Chairman emeritus of the Kabayanihan Foundation puts it more clearly: power makes one sexier but it does not make them holier. Which is more important---power or a good name? I'll always go for a good name every time.

By the way, expect help from me, guys. 

Atty. Fred Mison has been appointed as deputy commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration. Mark Chang is now an assistant secretary of the Office of the Political Affairs, while Nong Nagrampa is now assistant head of the National Printing Office (NPO). Of course, Jay Jaboneta serves as Malacanang's Social Media Director.