Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patriotic Navy to engage any Chinese ship that will fire against them

Diplomacy is still the way to go, says the Philippine Navy when it operated recently at the Spratlys. However, Navy chief Juancho Sabban says Philippine forces will fire upon any Chinese ship that will fire at them.

The Navy just went to the Spratlys and dismantled the markers set by the Chinese. Sabban said that despite being ill-equipped, the Philippine military will do everything in its power to repulse any foreign power that will exert their might against our sovereignty.

We salute the patriotic forces of the Philippine Navy.

HOwever, we note the almost trapo way former Speaker Jose de Venecia treats the Spratlys. De Venecia wants joint exploration.

Why give this kind of proposal? That would allow China to claim those islands as theirs. Or that would lead to a recognition of those islands as equally theirs.

China has no concrete evidence to back their claims. Proximity dictates that those islands are ours because they are very near us and are included in our territorial claims.