Thursday, June 23, 2011

The New Firm under the Aquino Administration

Arroyo had her "The Firm" in her days. Now, introducing the new "Firm" of the Aquino administration supposedly the one who now dominates and replaced the previous one. 

It is none other than the  Marcos Ochoa Serapio Tan Law Firm. Yes, that's the firm.

A Palace insider confided yesterday that one of the reasons why several foreign-aided projects were either shelved or disprioritized was the fact that one of the requirements is the hiring of this firm.

I am friends with Liza Marcos one of the associates of this law firm, and I would like them to clarify this information. It is rumored that before you can get to the Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, you must hire or retain this firm first before you reach first base.

The insider also says that certain groups have created layers to protect the President. It is now very hard to schedule an audience with the President because he has been effectively isolated by the contending groups within the palace. 

Several foreign investors and businessmen have confided to this writer that they are finding it extremely hard to get an audience with the President not because he's too busy with his work but because of the "layers" or condon sanitaire setup by the groups. 

If it was so easy to get Arroyo's ear for the sake of the country, it is now very hard to get the present President's ear. Fact is, groups believe that the President is receiving sanitized information.

This is very bad.