Friday, June 24, 2011

PCSO scandal, part 4: Ghost employee acts as jueteng conduit by PCSO director

Morato with Bloggers
According to Manoling Morato, the current PCSO board is the most corrupt. They have this tenet at the PCSO---"AQUIN'TO" or AKIN ito. Yep.

Fact is, a confidential employee of one of the directors of the PCSO wants 70% cut from advertisements placed by the PCSO. This employee brags that he is very influential in the Liberal Party, the party whom his boss maintains ties. He is also the go-to man of a very corrupt Customs official. 

This employee is now the subject of a probe by Malacanang. Fact is, even his boss is now the subject of a deeper investigation after pieces of evidence were gathered that establish their role in getting millions from STL operators in Luzon. 

The employee is now being investigated by the Palace, according to sources. The director reportedly got a huge chunk of jueteng money just to prolong the implementation of the Loterya ng Bayan.

Likewise, this employee has been involved in several murder charges, one of which involves a journalist. According to Department of JUstice sources, a new case is in the works based on a re-investigation. It will only be a matter of time before the bars of justice gets this guy off the streets and into prison.