Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dacer-Corbito case will not be closed without Tan Testimony

Dante Tan
The Dacer-Corbito case will never be totally closed without the testimony and arrest of Dante Tan. Tan, who was involved in the very controversial BW Shares scandal, left for Canada shortly after the EDSA dos revolution. NBI sources say he's either in Canada or New Zealand. The question is---why is he not being pursued?

Tan was a client of the late publicist. Tan was a very close buddy of former president Joseph Estrada. At the height of the BW scandal, Tan, according to several sources, gave several incriminating documents to Dacer.

Dacer consulted former president Fidel Valdez Ramos and wanted to come clean on the issue. It was then the impeachment trial and the BW shares were being discussed in public. 

Based on several accounts submitted by those involved in the case, Tan reportedly got angry. Several days later, Dacer went missing. The publicist vehicle was recovered.

Angles were put forward:

1. Dacer was executed due to his knowledge of the BW SHARES scandal. Who executed him? Several theories:

1.1. A unit within PAOCTF reportedly headed by Cesar Mancao. According to several PAOCTF members, only Mancao got the order from alleged conspiracist Dante Tan. Michael Ray Aquino and Ping Lacson do not know about it. There is a current practice in the police force of "special projects". These "projects" constitute assassination. Mancao reportedly got the job order from Tan directly.

This explains why Mancao is so ashamed to reveal this aspect of the case. They operated on Dacer mainly upon the orders of Tan. Tan, being very close to Erap, has a direct communications with the PAOCTF team.

That explains why Michael Ray Aquino's public pronouncement yesterday involves exonerating both Lacson and Estrada. They have nothing to do with the death of Bubby Dacer . 

Dante Tan must surface immediately to clear his name on this one. There are also several talks of reviving the investigation on the BELLE CORPORATION/BW SHARES SCANDAL.