Tuesday, June 21, 2011

President Aquino going the way of Erap?

Is President Aquino going the way of an Erap?

The recent Social Weathers' Station survey puts Aquino's satisfaction ratings at 46%, a drop from the previous 51%. Malacanang expressed elation because they purportedly prevented an expected 13points plus drop which happened a few weeks ago. Malacanang seems to be connecting once more with its traditional mass base which is the A-B-C classes. Obviously, they are losing the D-E classes due to inflation.

This is basically what happened to Erap in 1998-1999. There was a high optimism that prevaded in the air and shortly after a year and a half, if dissipated. Remember that Erap had the support of most of the NGO's and PO's, yet was'nt able to survive the political crisis.
Fact is, if at all, President Aquino can be charged or impeached even on a filmsy reason like indiscretion. He does'nt have any wives, yet, his celebrated dates could be used by some sinister mind in laying out an ouster move. Think about it.

Anyway, will Aquino arrest the decline of his ratings and avoid a possible repeat of the Erap episode?