Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Virgie Torres Challenge: Find fault and I'll resign

Embattled Land Transportation Office (LTO) head Virgie Torres issued a fresh challenge to her detractors: find just one wrongdoing on my part and I will tender my resignation before the President. She issued the challenge a day before she assumes office once again at the LTO.

If you remember, Torres was recommended suspended administratively after being caught supporting the Sumbilla group of LTO. Sumbilla is currently fighting Cesar Quiambao for leadership at the STRADCOM, the I.T. provider of LTO. This leadership struggle has affected LTO operations.

The law states that heads quasi-judicial bodies such as the LTO shall maintain a status of an impartial judge. By siding with Sumbilla, Torres violated the law. She should not interfere with an internal corporate dispute. 

This is just one of the things that Pnoy should consider in definitely deciding the fate of this woman.