Friday, June 10, 2011

Torres should be fired

Assistant Secretary Virgie Torres claim to fame is simply being a shooting buddy of Aquino and one more--she claims to be the one who delivered the INC votes to Noynoy, a thing which is considered blasphemous to the Iglesia Ni Cristo church.

Torres always brag that she was the conduit of the President with the INC. And that she was instrumental in convincing the Pamamahala to throw their support behind Aquino.

That's why she always tell her friends that she reports directly to the President, that's she's malakas and is untouchable.

Crap. Bull.
According to my sources, Torres is just a mere member of the INC and that it was Danilo Manalo, classmate of Mar Roxas, who convinced the leadership to throw the entire church support behind Aquino.

Torres claims to be very influential to the INC leadership, that she is very close to the Manalo brothers, something which is definitely not true, according to my source, a very high INC official.

Torres should be fired, not just for blasphemy but for being sobrang mayabang. Or, don't fault her for telling the truth?

That's cronyism, Mr. President. I thought we are determined to tread the true and straight path?