Friday, June 10, 2011

Stupid Chinaman

If Mao Zedong is alive today, he would have sent these Chinese officials to the gallows. 

Imagine, the current Chinese government claiming a bank of reefs which are about 400 nautical miles away from the Chinese mainland. Obviously, UNCLOS already defined these reefs as within Philippine territory. Philippine sovereignty rests in these areas, but these stupid Chinamen claim that those reefs are theirs.

What? Are these Chinamen stupid or what? They're trying to say that those reefs are theirs when those are obviously inside Philippine territory. Don't tell me there are ancient documents that show these reefs as Chinese. I saw one in Recto. If the Chinese claim Palawan as their own, then, they might as well claim the entire Philippines as their own.

And China wants to show that they are the aggrieved party rather than us. What a shame!
These bullies can't even tell their stories straight. They berated us for telling the truth--that these Chinamen entered our territory illegally. They are straightly telling us that they own us as if they really do.

Sige, wait for all 90 million of us kill a billion of you. We have our bolos and sibat and our M-16s. Of course, we have our politicians as our frontliners. Let them kill you with their sweet words.