Wednesday, June 15, 2011

US warns citizens against travel in the Philippines

The United States just released a consular warning. It says they have received information that terrorist activity may heighten in various parts of the country. When the US says "terrorist" activity, they meant not just activities coming from Muslim insurgent groups, but also even Leftists and rightists groups.

Several weeks ago, there has been information received by intelligence agencies regarding an alleged plan to destabilize the Aquino administration. This threat, it seems, comes from numerous groups which have aligned for one specific purpose--to overthrow the Aquino administration with the same reasons as those used against former president Joseph Estrada. This attempt is more extensive though, which reportedly involve even closest groups of this administration.

There are two groups being monitored--one the group closely linked with the former dispensation and the other, groups which were dropped from those who occupied Malacanang. These are mostly ideological and heavily invested in pursuing true change in this country. There is a prevailing perception that the Chief Executive is a weak one, and this weakness is being exploited to the detriment of the people's welfare.

What is however, noteworthy is the fact that on June 25, there will be a presentation of the draft agreement between the GRP and the MILF. The MILF just said that they are giving the government only on the 25th to resolve some contentious issues on the peace negotiations. There is uncertainty as to what will happen if this deadline passes. Some surmised that this will lead to a resumption or escalation of conflicts in Mindanao.
Likewise, several cause-oriented groups are preparing for the first State of the Nation address of President Aquino. These groups plan to launch massive demonstrations against the administration which will eventually culminate into a showing of force.