Monday, June 27, 2011

Widow of Ex Governor being victimized by con man staffer

I pity this widow of an ex- governor of a province in Southern Luzon. She is being victimized or swindled by one or two of her staffers, one a notorious so-called "organizer" who has been ousted by his fraternity for mismanaging organisational funds. 

The widow is being swindled and worse, the money being diverted by these staffers are public funds. The widow was appointed to a very sensitive government agency now in hot water. Her PR fund is allegedly being stolen by this co-man, and colluding with another staffer. 

This con man claims that he already settled his debt with a marketing professional. The truth is--no single cent was paid to the marketing professional who spent his time to help the widow. The professional was warned previously about the conduct of this con man, but due to his kind nature, allowed himself to be swindled by the con man who introduced himself as a frat brother.

The marketing professional incurred "debts" with his colleagues because he covered the expenses of a PR activity attended by the widow. The staffer refuses to pay him.

The widow reportedly gave the money already to the con man, but sadly, the con man used the money for himself.

Unknown to the con man, he is now under surveillance by the palace.