Monday, June 27, 2011

To Pnoy--fire Margie Juico and the entire PCSO Board Now!

If you're doing something illegal, the best tactic to use is bring up the anomalies of the past to hide those you're doing right now. This is what Margie Juico and the current PCSO board is doing, says Manoling Morato.

Juico is being accused of nepotism. She maintains her son as her chief of staff, earning millions of pesos worth of salaries from the PCSO. Her brother, Emmet Penson, supplies wheelchairs to the PCSO, an obvious conflict of interest. Her husband, Philip Juico, together with publicist Dante Ang, a known Arroyo henchman, reportedly controls the PR funds worth multi-millions of the PCSO. Tons of money from alleged crooked STL operators goes to the pockets of the Juico gang allegedly being facilitated by a staffer of one of the PCSO directors who has numerous criminal cases tugged in his belt. 

Morato says more and more Filipinos are dying because of lack of assistance from the PCSO. The old board left at least 6 billion pesos in the agency's coffers. Now, Juico claims that there is no more money. Where is the money of the PCSO?

Juico is reportedly doing these exposes for the benefit of the people. It is quite obvious, based on evidence, that Juico is just trying to hide her alleged nefarious activities at the PCSO. The PCSO's funds are being used by some directors for their future political plans, says an insider. One of the directors has a plan to run for either the governorship or the congressional post in his/her province.

What this director does not know is one or two of her staffers are getting into illicit deals without her knowledge and even robbing her of her money in clear daylight. An internal probe is being conducted by the palace and the NBI and it is a matter of time before these staffers are hauled to jail.

The Senate or Congress should investigate this mess. The Filipino people do not deserve this. President Aquino should fire the entire board.