Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cory Aquino Avenue or People Power Highway?

A legislator has just filed a bill which proposed the change of name from Epifanio delos Santos to Cory Aquino avenue. Kung buhay lang si Cory, malamang sa alamang, nakatanggap na ng matunog na "ay sus naman!" itong si Congressman.

Had this Congressman been given the chance to know Cory as a person, he probably would think twice of filing a bill like that. Why? Because unlike other politicians, Cory is not "e-pal" or as vain as Gloria Arroyo, whose desire is to see her face plastered everywhere at EDSA.

Cory was the model Filipino citizen, with emphasis on the word "citizen". She did what she did because Cory was convinced that it was her duty as a "citizen" to rise up to the occasion. Cory involved herself in politics as a citizen involved herself in welfare associations.

Naming this old, dilapidated, 3rd century avenue after her is a disgrace to her memory.

EDSA, as what it is right now, does reflect whatever bad values Filipinos have. For one, that 1986 phenomenon was about "change". EDSA did not really changed much since 1986. It is still a backward, old, full of pot-holes and filled- with- obstacles- that- endanger- life- sort of an avenue. Inspite of its fast changing landscape, this avenue practically looked abandoned and neglected when it was positioned as the main thoroughfare in an ever progressing Metropolis.

Government should modernize EDSA so that tourists and locales alike would appreciate the changes promised by EDSA 1986. Using EDSA every single day reminds us and probably makes our morale as a people lower because we are constantly reminded of an unchanging avenue. What EDSA looked like several decades ago is same it looks exactly right now.

We deserve a world-class avenue, something to be proud of and something to showcase about Manila.

Just proposing a name-change will not amount to nothing but useless spending of the people's money on Congressional committee debates and wanton talk amounting to nothing but crap.