Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why am I in favor of hospital arrest for Gloria Arroyo

I am changing my stand. Yep, a few entries ago, I campaigned for putting Mrs. Arroyo in jail. Now, I am one in saying that I am in favor of hospital arrest, not house arrest, for Mrs. Arroyo. 

You know what changed my mind? 

I just got an information that Mrs. Arroyo is spending 50,000 per day at St. Luke's Medical Center. That's 1.5 million a month. At least, she's paying for the years she neglected the Filipino People and only considered her own welfare.

Being in a hospital daily deteriorates one's condition. Imagine seeing the same old things every single day, every single minute. That must be a surreal experience for Gloria. And knowing her, that is torture already, the feeling that you're like a rat trapped in that 50 or so square meter space.

IN TRUTH, a hospital arrest is equally appalling and equally painful like spending time in jail. The feeling of being constricted makes one dread the unknowing. 

Constrained in a hospital bed, makes one feel like you're now in a mental hospital and truly, Mrs. Arroyo probably thinks the same way. Reports that she's now depressed are expected since how the hell do you think one would feel when you're up a few months ago and you're down right now. And no one sympathizes with you.

Worst, the very same guy who edged you to do these despicable things is free do to what he wants. Mike,Gloria's hubby, is still free, when he's supposed to suffer jail time or even more than what Gloria is getting right now.

Yet, time, according to the sages, has its own way of justice.