Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Humiliating for us if we allow house arrest for Gloria

Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Gregorio Honasan, both strong allies and friends of ex-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo warned of international "outrage" if government pursues its intention of placing Arroyo under government controlled arrest. Warning us even that there might be a possible "show of sympathy" from some segments of the military.

I don't know about these two characters, but why would the international community care about Gloria? I know the Koreans wouldn't. They jailed their former presidents the way they jail their drug lords. I know the Chinese would'nt. They jail and even shoot to death erring officials of their political party. 

Just because not one single soul in this country has shown his outrage against government treatment of this situation means that foreigners would. Fact is, this Gloria issue is not in any way related to violations of human rights. 

In the eyes of many Filipinos, Gloria is being treated humanely. Of course, several segments of the elite, particularly those who enjoyed numerous perks during the time of Gloria, do ask that the government take cognizance of her previous position as President. And they demand that she be treated as grandly as what she got when she was pesident.

Why will we treat a former president like a monarch? I mean, come on! We are the only country in the world who considers presidents as kings and queens, when in truth and in fact, in other countries, presidents are just mere servants of the people.

Why are these elites so afraid of humiliating Gloria? When Gloria was in power, did it ever occurred to her that some of her actions were humiliating enough to cause our image as a nation to deteriorate? 

Probably these elites think the way Gloria thinks and that is, they are entitled to a cozy place even if they stole billions of pesos from the public coffers or they orchestrated the biggest electoral fraud in the history of the nation.


For all the things that she is being accused of, prostituting the very voice of the People, demands an equal prostitution from the very people whom Gloria Arroyo robbed. 

We must end this unequal application of the law. We must treat Gloria Arroyo the way we treat other criminals or others accused of nonbailable offenses. 

We must end this feudalist thinking of bestowing kingly or regalia upon our Presidents and treat them as monarch. They are not monarchy. Gloria Arroyo is not of royal blood and even if she is, Gloria is not entitled to be treated differently because she was a former president or that Gloria is a woman. No.