Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KC Concepcion and her "breakup" with Piolo Pascual

Sultry KC "dinaan-daanan lang ni
KC Concepcion is one of the sweetest personalities in Philippine showbiz. Fact is, KC is one of the most desired. She's beautiful, sexy and intelligent. There is also one great thing about this actress--she is socially responsible. Others of her generation party and make a fool of themselves, but not KC. Yes, she figures prominently in social circles but she has the discipline of not letting her hair down after twelve. 

It is not hard to love a woman like KC.

For Piolo Pascual though, it's different.

If you watched the interview of KC Concepcion on the "supposed breakup of the KC-Piolo" relationship, you will ask yourself what were the things that a beautiful, rich and educated woman cannot give to a "guy" like Piolo?

What were KC's inadequacies? I mean, KC is old enough to decide whether to have sex or not. This is one common problem between couples. When a party demands something which the other side cannot or does not want to, it results to a split. 

It seems that the problem is not about sex---some say, its about sexuality.

KC lumangoy sa sariling kumunoy
Read between the lines and you'll presume that the thing which KC Concepcion cannot give to Piolo is something which any other woman cannot give and that is, the love of a man (?)

Piolo is being taken cared of by ABS-CBN. In the past, an issue broke out about Piolo's sexuality. His closeness with fellow ABS-CBN Talent Sam Milby was seen as a homosexual act by a showbiz reporter. Piolo protested and tried to fight for his manhood by going to the courts. That is the first time that a "guy" went to court just to prove his manhood. In other societies, the guy will either keep his silence or fight by violence. 

Some of my readers asked, " Ilan dito ang bading?"
So what if bading sila? Ang problema, ayaw
lumantad sila o ang iba pa.
In Piolo's case, he fought the legal fight. The issue persisted even when the case was withdrawn. No.

How would this issue about Piolo's sexuality ends when several people inside the very studio Piolo considers home, rat about him? I talked with several and really, Piolo's sexuality is one big "open secret."

I don't need "rats" to tell me about the truth. Truth, as they say, is evident. Look at the ads of Piolo and tell me if you see a guy there or not?

If you're a guy, you don't need to prove that in court. It just shows.

(Or probably we just misinterpret Piolo's sexuality. During the time of the Greeks, there is this thing called "Platonic" relationships. A Platonic relationship exists between guys. Several of Socrates' students, including Alexander the Great had platonic relationships with other guys. Yet, they remained heterosexuals)

In the case of Piolo, I remember how long ago, some Hollywood hunk by the name of Rock Hudson died without really revealing his sexuality. It was only days before his death due to AIDS, that Hudson finally admitted what Hollywood had known for years---that he was a homosexual.

Or at least, a bisexual.

I am a member of Ladlad, and I am a very proud father and a once promiscuous heterosexual. 

I ask Piolo to tell once and for all, his true sexuality. What keeps him from revealing his true self before the public? That he will lose his income if he comes clean?

Going back to KC, an insider says that KC was actually forewarned that this would happen. A friend of KC, who happens to be a director, already told her about Piolo's alleged "sexual preference".

KC was bull-headed and even wagered that she can allegedly change Piolo and "make a man out of him". Sadly, KC lost.

Remember how Sam Milby got terribly sad and went home to Canada when Piolo announced his relationship with KC? And remember how Mark Bautista bade the two "goodluck" when news spread about the KC-Piolo romance? 

According to several people, Mark Bautista won this time. 

Fact is, what is so wrong with being a homosexual or a bisexual? If Piolo is indeed one, then, let the public know. He owes his public big-time. Robin's brother did that, why not Piolo?

That is, if Piolo is really a member of the LGBT community. If he considers this article offensive, then, I have enough space for Piolo here.