Friday, November 18, 2011

Pathological Traps to muster dissent against the Aquino administration

Mukhang magpapasko tayo sa kulungan, hon
Seems like all these maneuverings being undertaken by the Arroyo camp had one goal, that is, muster enough pieces of evidence to support impeachment proceedings against President Benigno S. Aquino III. Arroyo's actions are meant to challenge the political will of this administration. Arroyo is ready to sacrifice the very pillars of this democracy, ready to make a wedge between a sympathetic judiciary and an opposing Executive, just to survive.

The Arroyos know how determined this administration is in putting those who bastardized the voice of the people last 2004 and 2007 behind bars. What is unique right now is the existence of an ideological group within the palace which puts everything in the right perspective. This powerful bloc is actually a blessing since they have the President's ear, something which was not existent during the terms of Ramos and Arroyo.

The Arroyo camp knows government holds the ace right now when it comes to the election sabotage cases. Government has in its custody, several strong witnesses, including those who actually took part in rigging the elections in favor of Arroyo.

That's why Maria Elena Horn is all over town, trying to muddle the issues and trying very hard to put a doubt in the public's mind. She is accusing the administration of fast-tracking the investigation so that a case may be filed and prevent the Arroyos from leaving town.

What is very evident is the seemingly agitated and frightful state of the Arroyo camp, something very irregular. Obviously, the Arroyo camp is afraid that this election rigging case could really send Mrs. Arroyo in jail immediately. Compared with other cases filed against her, this election rigging case looks like the strongest case ever filed against her.

Make no mistake---this case is really expected to be resolved before this month's end, and the administration really expects a case to be filed against the Arroyos before December.  Comelec chief Sixto Brilliantes last month already predicted an indictment prior to Christmas.

The Arroyo camp knows this that's why it sought refuge with the Supreme Court, being a strong ally of the ex President. This explains this whole charade. The Arroyos do not want to spend Christmas in jail.

What the Arroyos want is replicate what the Marcoses did when they were ousted from power in 1986---seek refuge abroad so that the long arm of Philippine justice will not be able to get them within its jurisdiction.  The Rules of Court necessitates an arraignment before the State could finally and formally take cognizance of the person accused. Without an arraignment, a case cannot proceed.

That is the goal of this administration---prevent the Arroyos from being arraigned. This explains why the Arroyos are spending much and doing everything in its power to leave the Philippines.

There are two options left for the Arroyos: first, use a political solution to solve a legal crisis and second, use a legal solution to solve a sagging political power.

The Arroyos are now using the first option--making use of a political solution to prevent the long arm of the law from making them under its jurisdiction.

While they are using a political solution, they are preparing for the second option---mustering enough evidence to support an impeachment call, something which they feel will absolve them later on.

They still have the third option---wrest power from the present administration, which, again, is something very hard to accomplish at this point, given the weakness of those who want this to happen and the Aquino administration being at its prime and height of popularity.