Friday, November 18, 2011

Why is it important to see Gloria Arroyo and her minions behind bars?

Why is it extremely important for us to see Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her minions behind bars? Three reasons.

First, putting a President behind bars sends a very strong message that this administration is really serious in putting the entire bureaucracy in order. We all know that for us to really scare the wits off those who want to earn billions from the public's coffers, we must target their principal, the very brains behind their schemes. We must debilitate the strongest symbol of their group before putting them all in jail.

Gloria Arroyo, based on evidence, had an active role in several of the cases filed against her. In the election rigging case, there was positive identification of Mrs. Arroyo in the scheme of things. She took part in it. She marshalled her forces just to realize one goal--extend her term and put the life off those who oppose her.

Second, putting Mrs. Arroyo behind bars puts an end to the on-going corrupt activities of her group. Those who support her will lose their morale and eventually, decide to end their nefarious acts against the People. Some of these pro-Arroyo allies are still in government and benefitting from it. If they see Arroyo behind bars, that will probably scare the wits off them and make them change their direction.

Lastly, Gloria should be made accountable for all the crimes she and her minions created during the past nine years. The reason we are in the rut right now is the fact that Mrs. Arroyo created the necessary conditions for a near systemic breakdown. All institutions of governance were crippled and were corrupted during her term. It is time to make things right.

We are paying for her indiscretions and her sins. It is time for us, the Filipino People, to get the justice we deserve.

President Benigno Aquino is, fortunately and at long last, leading us to the right path. Let us not falter this time.

Let us not commit the grievous errors the first Aquino administration did when it allowed the Marcoses and their minions to escape the fangs of the law, along with it, billions of pesos worth of the people's money.

Here is the opportunity for us to really correct the errors of the past and try to build a new system. Real change will never happen if we do not do these things. For us to get the change and the freedom we so deserve as a people, we must first get justice.

Putting Gloria and her minions, these demons in barong, behind bars, is justice.