Wednesday, December 21, 2011

188 million given to anti-Corona Congressmen; 11 million to Cagayan de Oro flood victims. Wow.

Sunstar Davao just released an article saying that President Aquino just gave 1 million pesos each to the 199 Congressmen who signed the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. Wow. And to think that their signatures harmed only one man.

Based on the report, the money was given during a Christmas party held by Speaker Sonny Belmonte at the Makati Shangri-la hotel. 

During the said event, it was also announced that the DBM allotted 800 million pesos to Batanes, province where DBM secretary Butch Abad's wife serves as Congressman.

Wow. That amount, 800 million if re-allocated to Cagayan whose citizens suffered more than a billion peso worth of damage are more than enough to make Cagayanos recover from Typhoon Sendong's aftermath. 

For Cagayanos who suffered extreme distress since last Saturday, President Aquino gave 11 million pesos. 

Eleven million pesos for 6,000 plus families who lost their homes, their relatives and friends. Wow. 

That shows you why politics is the most destructive calamity ever to hit this country. 

Meanwhile, casualties hit 1,000 today as more bodies were discovered, most are decomposing. Several hundreds more remain missing.

So, this is truly what it means for "tuwid na daan".