Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Manhunt on for ex General cum Fascist Jovito Palparan

Oh General, where are you sir?
Where is the "berdugo' of Central Luzon, that braggart, retired General Jovito Palparan? After attempting to leave the country a few days ago, and bragging that he will face the criminal charges filed against him squarely, the puny Berdugo just suddenly disappeared? A warrant for his arrest has been issued by a Bulacan court. 

Palparan needs to be arrested. And fast. For a review of his case see link :

Mr. Palparan, don't tell me you're afraid of the courts? You're not afraid of ordering the killing of innocent civilians and torturing several others, right? Then, quo vadis? 

The 3 Faces of Fascism in RP
If you happen to see him at Glorietta or Ayala Malls (sources told me he frequents the place), there is what we call a "citizen's arrest". 

An ordinary citizen is empowered by law to arrest anyone "committing or has committed a crime" or "those with pending warrant of arrest".

It would probably be extremely good material if somebody arrest this demon cum budding dictator and lead him to jail. 

He's about 5'4 in height, slim, with always two burly security guards along with him. 

For those who gives him succor, I advised you not. Aiding or abetting a criminal or a fugitive is a crime. 

O Patriots of the New Generation, you know what to do.