Tuesday, December 20, 2011

800 dead in Typhoon Sendong aftermath: Someone should be made accountable for this

" As we mourn, the pursuit of justice should also continue"
Just got tons of comments about the statement of the presidential sisters. Really,the reason I wrote this is I am ashamed of the reaction given by the Aquinos. (As of late, more than 70,000 people have read my earlier post. And the stats keep rising with nearly 300 comments)

We Filipinos have a tradition, especially concerning the dead among us. We pay homage. We pay our respects. Really, the world stops when we see our friends dead and our fellow Filipinos suffering. That is what distinguishes us as Filipinos.

Those who defend Pnoy and those who are angered by his actions, they have rights to express themselves. In a democracy, we are entitled to our own opinions. We don't just lambast people without facts and reasons. 

The entire family died. Ok. So, no one will ever be
 punished for their untimely death? 
I don't agree however, that we should let this thing pass and just be mindful of the welfare of people. I myself, am in the thick of relief operations for CDO and Iligan, not because I have relatives there. I don't. But I have lots of friends who, eventhough they are not Bangsamoros or Mindanaoans, they empathize with what had happened. 

Palagi na lang tayong ganyan, we enjoin Filipinos when a catastrophe or calamity as big as this happen, not to get angry and just help and not be mindful of those responsible for this. 

It is time for us to get angry, since this is not the first time it happened to many of our kababayans. Landslides are caused by illegal logging operations there, according to several sources. There are no more trees to hold the ground from erosion.

Entire barangays wiped out. Are we saying that
no one is responsible for this? What's the
purpose of having government
when government cannot even
warn people of impending disasters?
Since Sunday, inspite of my sickness, I was coordinating efforts and calling my corporate friends to help in the relief efforts.

My world stopped when this thing happened. And we expect nothing less from our President and his sisters.

Secretary Herminio Coloma said, let's give the President a break. He spent an hour or two partying we should give it to him. 

Mr. Coloma, for many months now, actually two years already, we have been giving this President a break. When will he start working? 

Our economy has been in the doldrums since, what, two years ago? Joblessness is still high. Food prices are also very high, not to mention gas pump prices, the highest in the world, even higher than prices in America.

Mr. Coloma, when will your principal work? Is he always tired? Where are the results of his "hard work"? Why are you so concerned? Everyone is tired, Mr. Coloma from work. The President is not this country's monarch. He is not a king. There are so many problems. He is not entitled for a respite. 

He wanted to be president, then, he should be prepared for the strenous work schedule and the rigors of the work. I am starting to believe several of those who spun the yarn that the President's men are deathly afraid of him getting stressed out because it may cause him a nervous breakdown.

Likewise, when will we see this President actually firing one of his erring men? I mean, this catastrophe was brought about by illegal logging. This is the turf of the DENR. Are you saying that no one will ever be brought to account for the thousands who died?

A warning could have prevented thousands from death. No warning was given to the people of Cagayan de Oro, according to a report by Ted Failon. That warning could have saved thousands of lives. 

Isn't this the responsibility of government? To protect lives by being pro-active in its actions? 


While we mourn our dead, and help the living, let us not forget that this is also a call for justice. Those who died deserve nothing less than see those responsible behind bars.