Thursday, December 15, 2011

Corona declares war against Pnoy: says he's primus inter pares of the Supreme Court

Corona proudly proclaims hebeing the Court's Primus Inter Pares
Primus inter pares is always that Latin phrase that animates a law student's conversations with friends. Freshmen knows it first that's why they include it in their banter. It is like something very new and very novel to the ears of those who heard it for the first time, that it is used to distinguish those who truly study and love the study of the Law from those who do not.

In not quite a few times, law students try to be the first among equals. They mock their friends, and join fraternities to be "first among equals". That said, this Latin phrase has become one of the most common terms uttered during challenges. And that's how Chief Justice Renato Corona spiced his speech up yesterday that he, indeed, is the primus inter pares of the Court.
There is no doubt about it--Corona is the highest among the justices, being appointed during a time of great difficulty and under a cloud of doubt. Before, fresh from his appointment as CJ by Gloria, many questions his status as primus inter pares, foremost is President Benigno S. Aquino III.

For the sake of unity, the People gave Corona the right and privilege of being the Court's first born son. Yet, it doesn't mean that Corona is not accountable to the people, oh no.

It doesn't mean that Corona has every right not to submit his SALN. It doesn't mean that Corona 's whims and caprices are tolerated and considered acceptable behavior of the Court's Highest Monarch. And it doesn't mean that Corona would just stomp his feet and use his powers to protect his principal, the former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

And really now, it does not mean that Corona would just do whatever he wants to do of the billions of pesos worth of the Court's budget.

In his speech, Corona asked why the President always try to hit him. Corona probably thought that Noynoy had a personal grudge on him or that Aquino had bad feelings towards him.

That reveals the true nature of Corona---a person who thinks that another one's hit against him is always personal. No.

Aquino and his allies hit him because of what he did---his record of voting is always in favor of Gloria. For the 19 or so cases he reviewed, he always favor his principal.

He transformed the Supreme Court into his own personal turf, something abominable to say the least.

He even turned the Judiciary into a refuge and sanctuary of those who robbed and stole big-time during the nine long years of the Arroyo regime.

Before, during Martial Law, the Supreme Court got the highest approval and trust ratings from the people, because it opposed Marcos and became the sanctuary of freedom fighters.

Now, the Court has been prostituted and became the sanctuary of those who tried to kill freedom and democracy in this country by bamboozling the elections, prostituting the voice and will of the people and wantonly turned the public coffers into their personal bank.

It is really not important who is first among equals. If you are first by title only, your boasts are empty.

But when you are first among equals, and has shown that you deserve to be first, then, the people will shower you with honors and accollates you'll never ask.

Besides, it is not being first that is important---it is being TRUE and HONEST and being worthy of initiating CHANGE.

What is so worthy of showing canine-like behavior? Is that what you call the first among equals?

The real First among equals is those who serve, not those who think that they should be served.