Friday, December 9, 2011

Gloria Arroyo to serve time at Veterans Memorial Hospital

Flashback several years ago, and we see an ousted president with his son being transported to the Veteran's Memorial Hospital by land, with a full phalanx of police men and several thousands of poor people running, and trying to catch even the glimpse of the Champion of the Masses.

Fast forward and we now will see the head of the biggest syndicated mafia in the history of this country being led and transported by land with several cops and no one minding if something happens to her while going to the Veterans Memorial Hospital to serve her time.

Former president Joseph Estrada, the one falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, prays for her recovery while Susan Roces, the widow who was also the victim of the electoral sabotage allegedly committed by Arroyo also prays for her safety. 

That is justice, isn't?

Someone suggested that she be transferred by helicopter which the ex-President rejected. She said that her heli might crash, giving you a sense of how she is mentally right now. Her spokesperson says that there's a plot to kill her. Probably, since she became part of government mafia, and those whom she knew and those she hob-nobbed during her term, and enriched themselves while she enjoyed what she believed since her teens, the privilege denied her father have every reason to plot for her death.

Gloria Arroyo had every reason to will to live. She is a repository of knowledge of how to make worse an already corrupt system.

Gloria Arroyo is the key to solving the problem of corruption; she knows how the system works and she knows how to circumvent the very processes that makes this system run.

I am willing to interview her and write her memoirs if she desires.