Saturday, December 10, 2011

Human Rights in an Ever-Changing World

If you really think hard about it, human rights is one of the concepts that humanized the capitalist system and made it acceptable to the rest of the world. Without this concept, we would probably reject this system outright because of its isolationist and dehumanizing nature. However, even how hard we see human rights as an equalizer, the fact is, it is just there to protect those being marginalized by the system and make them feel as if they are not losing something, when, in truth, they are being denied the opportunities by the very system they so choose.

For example, take this universal right to do business everywhere. It seems democratic at first, but if you think hard, you'll find that this is not a universal thing. Yes, you are free to set up your business, but these are just for those who already have capital. When the State grants you that right, it only means that it is recognizing that right but it does not free you from the repercussions of exercising that right.

Another one, the right to self-expression. You can write anything you want within, again, the limitations of the law. Libel is a crime. Slander is another. That right, though it exists, is, in actuality, delimited by the very state that grants that right.

The right to self-defense is also limited by the very laws a system or a state implements. The right to gainful employment is also limited by the number of jobs existing in a state. 
Of course, it depends really on the number of jobs the superstructure allows. If you're a man who milks cows, chances are, you are limited by the number of open jobs in the market and even if you shout this right to the world, it will never be exercised simply because of its very nature.

So, anyone who sees human rights as universal or at least encompassing other concepts is probably wrong.

For the past 50 years, the world has been celebrating Human Rights day. The more we celebrate, the more cases of its violations happen. 

One glaring fact is the more we celebrate this, the more imbalance the world becomes because these rights are,just illusions, to make us feel that we are living in a democracy when in truth and in fact, this democracy only applies to those who have, and simply illusions to those who haven't. Exercising such rights even entail resources. 

The right to enjoy the world's resources can only be exercised by those who have the resources to explore and exploit those resources. 

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