Monday, December 12, 2011

Impeachment against Chief Justice Renato Corona done deal

A source of NPR says there is at least 105 Congressmen who will sign the impeachment papers against Chief Justice Renato Corona. And mind you, three of these 105 Congressmen belong to the minority block.

This is the final nail in efforts to dismantle the Arroyo regime, which, for nine long years, have enslaved us and have created a disfigured society injured by fits of megalomania, and abuse of power.

Corona's puppy like attitude was fully exposed when Arroyo asked the Supreme Court to grant her the right to travel. That motion was granted by the Supreme Court but was never implemented by an Executive Branch which had the courage to stamp its foot down.

Enough of constitutional buffonery! Enough of using the powers of one's office to dignify the immoral! Enough of using the law to perpetuate power and enslave the People.

Corona, by the looks of it, deserves impeachment.

The only thing that I am deathly afraid of is the eventual ascendancy of The Firm to the Supreme Court.

Remember that another Justice, Justice Antonio Carpio, was once a very staunch defender of the former president. IT was only when Nonong Cruz, partner of Carpio, decided to detach himself from Arroyo as defense secretary, did the Firm formally ended its romance with the Arroyos.

The firm, mine you, enjoyed more than five years in power with the Arroyos. 

Who will benefit from Corona's fall ? Obviously, it's Carpio and former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo, stalwarts of the Firm which is now closely linked with President Aquino.

I hope this does not happen because if it does, then, it exposes what many believe this administration is---a savage wolf in sheep's clothing, or a gang who is trying to project that they are different from Arroyo, when in truth and in fact, they are the same group with the same insidious designs against the Filipino people.