Monday, December 12, 2011

Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona impeached

It was as fast as I finish drinking my Cravings coffee. Or, like what another lawyer said, it was faster than a quickee.

Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona is officially impeached, that is, if the Lower House is concerned. As of this writing, 188 Congressmen have signed the impeachment complaint against Corona. This is the second such instance where a Constitutional head was impeached, the first was, of course, former president Joseph Estrada. 

Since the number of legislators exceed the Constitutional requirement, the impeachment complaint will go straight to the Senate. According to the rules, it goes straight to the plenary. It is now up to the 23 members of the Upper Chamber whether or not to affirm the findings of their counterparts at the Lower House. 

For sure, today's spectacle at the Lower House beats all impeachment tries in both substance, form and speed. In the case of Erap, prior to the submission of the impeachment papers to the House, the case filers had to court the majority of the legislators first before any move was made. 

ERap's minions fought a bitter fight and were defeated in the end. In Corona's case, he probably did not know what really hit him. His impeachment was undertaken albeit silently and stealthy by his enemies. What Corona knew was he was just being verbally attacked by the President, unknowing that those statements and calls were already signals from the Executive to his legislative allies that the gauntlet has been set and Corona's head ready for the cutting.

What is sure is that the Executive, more than ever, has displayed a rather sophisticated political strategy never before seen in Philippine political history. They outmaneuvered the cunning Arroyo by letting her stage managed her attempts at getting out of this country, thereby exposing herself in the end and infecting with her sins, the very head of the Judiciary. 

Corona will go down in history as the very first Chief Justice impeached. He may actually not be the only Chief Justice with the shortest stint---another one enjoys that distinction.

Surely, Corona will actually make a mark in Philippine history as the only Supreme Court Chief Justice who wasn't able to use his pen to bring down his enemies.

And his fate was already sealed by him when he personally corrupted the Court with his dogged allegiance to his principal. Corona heaped it upon himself when he tried to protect the very image of corruption in this country, the most despicable symbol of immorality and Constitutional prostitution, now a humble yet cunning inmate of  the State. 

Now, what I'm worried about is the sure political maneuverings will lead to the appointment of a former Arroyo stooge in the personas of Justice Antonio Carpio and even former Sandiganbayan Marcelo.

I advise President Aquino to come with clean hands but impeaching even Carpio and annointing somebody as Chief Justice without any tinge of debauchery nor dogged allegiance to the former and existing powers, and attributes his success as a student of law from his own steadfastness, professionalism and allegiance to the Majesty of the Law. 

Lastly, let is be said that this day marks the day when we are faced with the distinct opportunity of really smashing the institutions of old, and the rebuilding of our damaged institutions based on the principles of God, Country and The Filipino Family.