Friday, December 2, 2011

KC-Piolo Split Controversy deepens

Piolo and the "guys"
How true are these lingering rumours that the KC Concepcion interview over at the Buzz was heavily "censored" to protect the careers of Piolo, KC and another artist?

How true that one of the segments was a telling all of the incident which KC Concepcion reportedly saw that led to the break-up?

And how true are these nasty rumours circulating that the reason why KC decided to break up was when she saw Piolo and MB together inside a bathroom of Piolo's room in his house? How true?

These are just some of the things circulating within the social media sphere that has percolated into the public sphere already.

When KC reportedly saw Piolo and this actor MB together inside Piolo's bedroom, the actress reportedly broke down. That led to her decision to go to Paris to "recuperate" from the things she saw there. 

As expected, this KC-Piolo Pascual split has taken a life of its own. And it will continue to generate more steam as it develops over time. The issue will likewise spring out other nasty things which the public will probably believe as true, when in fact, these things are just either figments of some creative mind's imagination or twisted facts.

IN this case, nothing wrong if KC sees two male friends together. Fact is, the story teller forgot one aspect of a good story--the controversy. There is no information as to what Piolo and MB were doing when KC arrived and saw the two men. There's no wrong seeing two men together, except of course if they're doing something abominable, which in the story, there is no such thing.

You know the thing that fuels this controversial split is the lingering public doubts about Piolo's true sexuality. It is time for Piolo to "tell-all" since I believe that even if he does tell all, his career will not be affected in any way. Look at what Rustom did.