Friday, December 2, 2011

Oplan Put the Little Girl to Sleep and Girl does not want to sleep related

This week is quite interesting for one good reason--it was a week when we heard a fairy tale come to life on the one side, and another fairty tale dissipating into thin air on the other.

Silly, I'm talking about this purported plan to kill ex-President Gloria Arroyo and this KC Concepcion-Piolo Pascual breakup.

Both are evidently fairy tales. Mention this statement, "Operation `put the little girl to sleep'" and what reaction do you get? Hindi ba, you'll laugh instantaneously the minute you read this statement. How creative assassins of the former president are, concocting such a title for their operation--such creativity is never expected from those who have blood in their hands.

Hindi ba you picture Gloria wearing a Little Red Riding Hood dress, all cuddled up and sleeping? Probably, even seeing her with a pacifier,hehehe.

Kidding aside, who would believe such a thing? Why would this administration cause the death of Mrs. Arroyo, when everyone, especially the suffering public, want her ALIVE instead of dead?

The blood-thirsty public want nothing more than see Mrs. Arroyo behind bars and suffering. And that can't be achieved if Mrs. Arroyo just suddenly falls from her bed and breaks her neck, oh no. Please God, don't let that happen!

The only possible group that has the motivation and the reason to probably order a killing of the former president is the group of elites whom she abandoned and left to dry when she descended from power.

These demons in barongs are still in government or are transacting with government but sans the great influence they once had. They are suffering because they don't have enough for retirement still, oh no. And the couple just kept all the monies for themselves.

Or probably paranoia has now inflicted its deathly claws in the minds of Mrs. Arroyo. That is what a NAIA airport incident could possibly do to a dame such as Gloria. 

Imagine the humiliation she probably felt when for the first time ever in her sixty two year life, Gloria was barred from leaving this country. That is not just a legal setup but a big psychological slam bang affair for Gloria. Sources say that demoralized Gloria so much, she now wants nothing more than put these things behind her. But the very stark prospect of spending xmas in jail probably made her and her allies conjure up assassination plots against their very principal. 

Or, rightly so, maybe it is the camp of Arroyo who is wishing for an assassin to put a bullet to the president?

If an assassination plot is far-fetched for Gloria, that is not in the case of President Aquino. Aquino must read between the lines. He is an enemy of Gloria. He must always protect himself.

ON the flipside, this "fairy tale" romance between local showbiznes' princess KC Concepcion and alleged hunk Piolo Pascual started as a fairy tale and ended, according to some, with someone transforming into a fairy right before the very eyes of a girl, ahek!

Seriously, this talk about the split is far from over. Some say, this is not just a simple fairy tale which involved a girl who was head over heels with a guy only to find out that he is not what she imagined him to be...or, to be fair, this is simply not what the guy imagined the girl to be.

Some say this is a problem of a highly presumptive public. I dare say that this is actually a problem of the prevailing thought in showbizness. The problem with showbiz is it presumes that it knows everything the public thinks and wants. Showbiz still presumes that the public has not accepted homosexualism or lesbianism, when in truth and in fact, the public does not care if you're a homo or a lesbian, for as long as you're proud of your sexuality.

It is unfortunate for Piolo to be cast as a villain here, when, in truth, it is KC who is to be blamed for her current suffering.

KC knew those lingering rumours of Piolo's sexuality and preferences. She was totally naive of this fact. She went headlong and bull-strong.

I don't blame KC because she lived all her life in a fairy tale existence. Reality is always so harsh and so brutal. Reality hurts.