Friday, December 2, 2011

Paranoia sets in at GMA camp

A source says that Maria Elena Horn got the idea of the so-called "Oplan Put the Little Girl to Sleep" was when the former president got colitis or inflammation of the large intestines. Gloria Arroyo reportedly woke up one time and blamed the administration for her colitis. Gloria suspects that she is being "poisoned".

Another source, very close to the family, says that paranoia has indeed set in at the Arroyo camp. This, after several of their very close political and military allies have abandoned the Arroyo camp. Even their links with criminal syndicates have been severed, sources say.

First off, former defense secretary and once intel chief, Norberto Gonzales, has already left the Arroyo camp. Gonzales, several sources say, is now allied with the Estrada camp and is preparing for the 2013 elections.

Several Chinoy businessmen very close to the First Gentlemen (most of them smugglers) have shifted allegiance and had reportedly abandoned the former first Couple. 

Even jueteng lords who were once close to B1 and B2, the alleged monickers or codes of the First Gentleman and his son, Mikey, have since abandoned the Arroyos. A very close Aquino associate, codenamed " PJ", is now the handler or conduit of these jueteng lords with the present administration. Monies from STL and jueteng regularly flow to PJ, DA and WT. WT is using the money to build himself something of a media outlet.

Only Merlie Poblador remains at the side of the Arroyos. All the rest of the close Arroyo associates have since been "neutralized". Several others who became rich during the Arroyo administration have since decided to stay low. 

With their finances running low, the Arroyos cannot launch any counter-moves to shield them from government prosecution. 

Worst, with the ongoing election rigging case being discussed publicly, and the election syndicate now exposed, the Arroyos and their associates are now under threat, not from government but by the armed men who protects this syndicate.

The Arroyos,sources again told this writer, fear for a backlash from this syndicate, whose operations are now being monitored and surveilled very closely by government agents. Why? Because this is the first time that activities of the syndicate have been exposed. 

Or, for all we know, the very same allies of the former First Couple are behind this so-called operation to silence the ex-leader.