Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Renato Corona and Gloria Arroyo--fall guys

Scan all the names mentioned in the list of 188 Congressmen and you'll find that most of them, were, at one time or another, involved in at least one (1) anomalous transaction or deal during the time of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Also, try to review the list and you'll find that one or two were close friends of Gloria and even the beleaguered Chief Justice. 

So, really, this is a very simple lesson in politics---always be in power, otherwise, face the consequences for being out of the game.

Atty. Renato Corona and Gloria Arroyo have both lost in the game of politics. They are now being fed to the dogs. Only a miracle can save these two from their fate---Corona, hanging his black robe in shame and Gloria, spending her remaining life on this earth in chains. Such are the fates of those who misread Machiavelli or trusted the words of a politico.

This also shows the extent of the people's hatred against the former dispensation that even if this administration has so far been judged in not too favorable terms by both critics and supporters, it still appears better than  its predecessor.

Even if nothing changed, that the games being played by the Ilustrados of old and the politicos of the new era remain, and the dreams of the common Tao remain illusions due to extreme poverty, it still feels liberating and it still feels that everything is "a=okey"

IN truth, it is not okey and there are problems simmering below the political stratosphere. Oil giants continue to raise pump prices, prices of food stuffs are skyrocketing and joblessness pervades, still, there is a general feeling, a sense that everything is, again, " a-okey".

The people will not revolt to support Corona and Gloria's rag-tag gang of misfits in barong. Neither will the people storm Malacanang to replicate what others did in Wall STreet or Washington.

The people feels a sense of vindication knowing that the dirty mind behind all those catastrophes and all those big-time thievery is now behind an illusory bar, while remnants of a discredited regime are being held accountable for their canine-like behaviors.

If, at all, critics say, this thing about Corona is either "constitutional anomaly" or "constitutional justice". BUt, who dispenses justice but the very elites that caused this monumental and structural anomalies in the first place?

There will never be true people's justice for as long as those who punish belong to the same class as those of the guilty ones. This elite version of justice is simply not the justice envisioned by the masses. Yet, because there is no other option, the people content themselves of being treated with a spectacle just to hook them into believing that justice is served and everything put in their proper places.

This justice that we see, is mere cono justice. It will never result to a Gloria being led to the gallows or to a Corona being made to account his hidden wealth and those excesses asked to be returned to the public coffers.

THis cono justice involves humiliating the victim but never to a point where he loses his property. What is a loss of name and a pitiful shame game when someone's wealth remains with him.

Look at those who accused Corona of canine-like behavior towards Gloria. In one way or the other, they themselves, acted like brutish, thirsty dogs with their long tongues hanging in their mouths and saliva dripping all over.

If, really, this President will grant the people's wish of justice, let him go after the remnants of the previous regimes who signed that impeachment complaint, and throw the book at them as well.

Those who injured the Filipino People and stole billions deserve not just our derision but the most vile punishment from the government.

And let us re-imagine or re-create our very institutions which were prostituted by the former Powers and re-molded based on a perversion.

We will try to re-imagine these institutions so that they will function based on the needs of the People. This is the silent revolution.