Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Congressman Neil Tupas leads the charge against Corona

Congressman Neil Tupas appeared before the Senate, carrying History in his hands. That 57-page impeachment complaint which he submitted to the Senate today, may yet be the most controversial pieces of document ever in the history of this country in the new decade. Tupas will also be one of the House-appointed prosecutors who will try Chief Justice Renato Corona, a role which he also agreed to do in the case of Justice del Castillo.

I salute Congressman Tupas, a former classmate of mine in numerous Political Science courses at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

I really cannot imagine that Tupas, a lanky gentleman during those days of student activism at the University, now leads the charge for our generation.

Indeed, Tupas is one of the sterling personalities of this age. 

His actions yesterday and today will forever be written in the pages of this country's History. And I am proud that I had intimate talks with him before, on the monumental problems of this Country and how to cure it. He probably did not agree with most of my suggestions; but he nevertheless put those in his heart.

Tupas' role in this great crusade against those who prostituted the name of the Supreme Court will serve as a strong reminder to everyone, that our generation, will never tolerate graft and corruption.

Tupas exemplifies the  type of leaders this ascendant generation are capable of offering before the altar of the Filipino People.